I wonder that for so long time I was doing it manually

  1. Open terminal
  2. navigate to projects directory
  3. open project in SublimeText
  4. activate virtualenv
  5. run development server
  6. open Chrome to watch whats happens

2-6 is just about pasting all commands you need seperated by && or | or |& or ; what should I choose? Read here

cd mbf && open -a Sublime\ Text . && source ~/.virtualenvs/spots/bin/activate  && open -a Google\ Chrome && python runserver --settings=mbf.settings.andi

to execute into Send text at start:

iterm smart

what is quite nice you can build multiple such profiles. You can start them in new windows or new tabs of iTerm.

to be extended

using some terminal multiplexer


READ: TEAMOCIL - automatically create windows and panes in TMUX with configuration from YAML files!