short list

  1. remove all the social media apps, dont fool yourself you need it for communication, relationships, bla bla.
  2. turn off as much off notifications as possible. Really checking your email few times a day is perfectly fine.
  3. clean your start screen. I ended up with:
    • camera,
    • weather,
    • calendar,
    • Noisli (sounds for better focus),
    • JakDojade (local path finder),
    • Google Maps,
    • Gmail,
    • Drive,
    • Calculator,
    • AdobeScan,
    • Desk Control (sti stand desk control)
    • Clock
    • Translate app
  4. Setup your screen for grayscale
  • Step 1: Set up Grayscale.
    Open your iPhone’s Settings > Accessibility
    Select Display & Text Size
    Scroll and select Color Filters
    Toggle Color Filter On and then check Grayscale
  • Step 2: Create the Grayscale shortcut, which lets you easily switch it on and off.
    Go to iOS Settings > Accessibility
    Scroll down to Accessibility Shortcut > select to check Color Filter
    Once configured, triple-click the side button to turn the Grayscale filter on and off. 
  1. Use paperback for taking notes, what you “need” to check on the internet. Most of this things afterwards for me turns out to be compulsive and not needed at all.

  2. Use software like on your desktop and/or smartphone if you don’t own the built-in night-shift options for reducing blue ligth decreasing your melatonin production.