Is there something more lovely than having python interpreter accessible via web browser with jupyter on whatever computer with just internet access?

I know jupyter notebooks (and jupyterhub instance as server for creating and running notebooks in my company) but having it offered as part of Google free services was great surprise!

my personal use cases:

  • playing with new libraries
  • automating borning staff (e.g paying monthly taxes, bills by generating payments package I just upload in online banking, automated messaging of customers)
  • debugging
  • consuming 3-rd party API-s
  • visualizing data by ploting graphs

It comes with plethora of pre-installed useful python libraries for data science and machine learning:

below short-list with links to documentation

data, scientific calculations

natural language processing libraries like:

machine learning

image processing

audio processing

getting started

installing libs, checking whats already there

to install smth new

!pip install package-name

to check what is already installed

!pip freeze