In the past I made several attempts inspired by linux tools like tmux, byobu etc to have predefined terminal shell layouts which can be setup with one click. But this didn’t work very cool. And here is the tool that makes the difference for all iTerm users.



setup is as easy as:

  1. install with brew brew install TomAnthony/brews/itermocil
  2. create .itermocil directory in your home directory
  3. and create e.g magic.yml files inside with config for your projects (some example configs
  4. run itrmocil magic to get you iTerm nicly setup


Here is some example of mine with 4 panes for some django project (server, git, shell_plus, postgres)

  - name: shopify-store
    root: ~/Projects/shopify-store
    layout: tiled
      - commands:
        - source /venv/bin/activate
        - ./ runserver 0:9090
      - commands:
        - git pull
        - watch git st
      - commands:
        - source /venv/bin/activate
        - ./ shell_plus
      - commands:
        - /Applications/ -d shopify_store